Roger Hardy

An Executive Dream Team of disruptors

July 2, 2012: 2:35 PM ET

Eyeglass online retail outfit CEO Roger Hardy discusses his picks for his fantasy Executive Dream Team.

Roger Hardy is the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based, which began as an online contact lens retailer in 2000 but added eyeglasses in 2009, and is now one of the biggest online lens businesses in North America. In 2012, Coastal hit $1 billion in eyewear sales. Before founding Coastal, Hardy worked for armored car company Loomis, which was bought by DHL, and then spent time doing marketing for a contact lens manufacturer. His entrepreneurial success and expertise in running a web-only business makes Hardy an ideal "expert" for the new Fortune Fantasy Sports Executive League (Anyone can play, and scoring depends, in part, on how closely the player's picks match those of experts like Hardy.).

Hardy spoke to Fortune's Daniel Roberts about his Dream Team, and the logic behind his picks. 

Roger Hardy: This Dream Team fantasy game is awesome; simple, straightforward layout, easy for anyone to pick a team. I really had fun.

In terms of my approach, because Coastal is kind of disruptive to the incumbent businesses, I sort of looked at my team that way. Who are the disruptors, who has shaped their industry and challenged the incumbents? I like people who are self-made and come from humble beginnings, face challenges. None of the people I've selected have had a cakewalk, I don't think. They're all clear thinkers and take on challenges.

I started with CEO and chose Jeff Bezos because he fits all my criteria -- self-made, dominated every industry he's entered, a real disruptor. He's really positioned himself to put Wal-Mart (WMT) out of business, and frankly I'm not sure they even know it. He's a leader who's been there and done it all in a short amount of time. He's mastered logistics in every state, made sure they have total selection and are able to deliver same-day, and he's really making himself the biggest retailer while also competing on technology fronts, which is key.

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I moved on to COO and went with Don Thompson. McDonald's (MCD) has gone through an amazing regeneration over the past couple of years, now managing 33,000 locations. The COO job at that company has got to be one of the most complicated in America. So there are a lot of impressive people on this list but McDonald's has just been too good the last couple of years.

At CFO I have Dan Ammann from GM (GM). Dan, I saw him on the 40 Under 40, and that's pretty amazing to be under 40 and the CFO at GM. Every quarter, he has focused on cost and GM has really turned it around. A lot of people counted them out two and a half years ago, and although I don't know that there's been major product innovation, they've definitely kept costs down and have succeeded greatly.

CMO: You know, I've got Annie Scrivner from Starbucks (SBUX), because they've faced heavy competition but have still managed to pull off a major resurgence in the last 24 months. You can't really knock anything about Starbucks. Annie's background makes her very in touch with what customers are after, and I think the brand itself has been elevated in the last year and a half. More

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