Pontish Yeramyan

Building the (workplace) ties that bind

November 30, 2010: 3:00 AM ET

Consultant Pontish Yeramyan on how you can make your workers more productive by opening up a little and letting them see the real you.

Interview by Beth Kowitt, writer-reporter

Creating connections with employees might sound a little too mushy for most bosses. But don't dismiss the idea just yet. Bonding with your workers doesn't just mean a healthier office environment, it also leads to better results, says Pontish Yeramyan, founder and CEO of management consultancy Gap International. "The more connected one is to people," she says, "the more willingly and rapidly they'll do things because of the relationship." Employees are more likely to take on risks and bigger challenges if they feel as if their boss knows and understands them. "Oftentimes people think they need to distance themselves because it's not good to be close and vulnerable," says Yeramyan. "Those days are gone." Here are her tips on creating what she calls "affinity" with employees. More

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