From gossip site founder to web reputation defender

October 12, 2011: 11:25 AM ET

Instead of opting for a coveted internship like many of his Stanford MBA counterparts, JuicyCampus.com founder Matt Ivester self-published a book alerting readers to the potential dangers of social networks.

By John A. Byrne, contributor

Matt Ivester

Matt Ivester

(Poets&Quants) -- While most of his MBA classmates at Stanford Graduate School of Business rushed off to lucrative internships with some of the world's most prestigious firms this past summer, Matt Ivester holed up in the school's library. He had no interest in McKinsey or Goldman, Amazon or Apple.

Instead, 27-year-old Ivester used the summer before his second year at Stanford to write a 136-page self-published book called lol…OMG! – What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying. The book, published Oct. 10, alerts readers to the potential dangers of social networks.

While many would consider Ivester's decision to skip a summer internship somewhat frivolous, the Stanford MBA has no regrets. "Stanford is the best school in the country for entrepreneurship so I don't think it's that crazy," he says. "A Stanford MBA is incredibly well respected so I think I could get those big jobs later on in my career if I decide to do that."

So for him, it was an easy decision to reflect on what he had learned as a web entrepreneur and to share it with others in book form. Ivester knows this territory well. Four years ago, he created JuicyCampus.com, which quickly became the biggest college gossip website in the country, with one million unique visitors per month. And then he watched in awe and horror as students began posting intimate and often offensive remarks about their peers -- including sexual histories, accusations of drug use, and threats of violence. More

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