How Lululemon CEO Christine Day works out at work

December 4, 2012: 5:00 AM ET

Christine Day, CEO of Lululemon Athletica, still manages to fit exercise into a hectic work schedule.

By Alex Konrad, reporter

Christine Day at a Lululemon in Vancouver

Christine Day at a Lululemon in Vancouver

FORTUNE -- As CEO of a global athletic brand (new stores just opened in London and Hong Kong), Christine Day travels two weeks out of five -- all while keeping up a fitness regimen befitting the company she leads. Whenever she visits a store, she has Lululemon (LULU) employees who run in-store classes take her through a training session. And it's the staffer's choice -- anything from tossing a weighted kettlebell to a military-inspired boot camp. "I swear," Day says, "sometimes they pick boot camp just to see if I break." The team sweat sessions are the perfect encapsulation of Day's road-tested routine: merge work with the workout.

My survival skills

exercise_ballMeet at the gym. In the morning, after I get up and do at least 25 sun salutations (to get the kinks out of my back), I go to the gym. Anyone I'm traveling with I have meet me at the gym before breakfast -- that way, I have to show up!

Band aid. I travel with a resistance band so I can lie on my back on my yoga mat and do a series of leg movements. I also try to stay in Westins with workout rooms -- they have the stability ball and stationary bike.

Hit the trails. I always ask my assistant to check if there is a natural running route from the hotel to our store. Even better: a hotel or store near a trail system, which is the case in Georgetown. It makes for a more active run.

clif_barThe Bar code. I take energy bars with me on airplanes -- LaraBars and Clif Bars -- to avoid the in-flight food. I will eat the fruit or cheese plates they serve.

Set a goal. Last January I started training for a half-marathon we sponsor, the Lululemon SeaWheeze race in Vancouver. This winter I plan to do a 30-day yoga challenge, and lose an inch off my waist by June.

runkeeper_iphone_appStay accountable. I track all my runs on RunKeeper, then send Facebook updates to my trainer. I take a picture of myself at the end of a run too, and update that. Anything I miss, I make up on the back end. Posting about it keeps me accountable.

This story is from the December 3, 2012 issue of Fortune.

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