The (recent) History of the World (one tag at a time)

March 3, 2010: 10:49 AM ET

In about a month, we'll be celebrating the third anniversary of this blog.  We'll save the cake, funny hats and weepy speeching for then, but today I would like to take the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a long time: consider our tags.

Below you will see a total catalog of every single tag that has been generated in good times and bad, scandal, recession, recovery, slow days, crazy days, the people, places and things that have popped up for a little while and then receded, or not, and even a few thoughts about Mike, a headless chicken who came to represent far more than that. Each of the tags below comes complete with its link, so feel free to remember, if you care to, what seemed important at the time. There's a lesson in that, I think, about what really IS important, what endures, what doesn't, and what shouldn't.

There are gaps, too.  For instance, why wasn't there a tag about Lloyd Blankfein?  Well, now there is! And here are the rest, forming an enlightening, curious and at times fatuous history of the world as we knew it, know it and, hopefully, may someday come to understand it.

3D TV AAPL Acquisitions Addiction Adult ADD Adult Video Convention Advertising Age Advertising campaigns AEG AIG Air Force One Airline Travel Al Gore Alan Greenspan Alcor Life Extension Foundation Allen & Co. Amazon american airlines Analog solutions Analysts Anger Annoying Employees Anxiety AOL Apologies Apple Arjun Murti Armageddon Arnold Schwarzenegger Ashton Kutcher Ask Bing Augustus Auto Bailout Baby Boomers bad days Bad guys Bailouts Bank Failures Bank of America bank write downs bankers Banking Rules Barack Obama Barry Bonds Barry Diller baseball legends Batman Bear market Bear Stearns Bed Bath & Beyond beer Ben Franklin Berlusconi Bernanke Bernard Madoff Best Buy Beverly Hilton Big Bad Corporations Big Fish Games Bill Clinton Bill Gates Bill O'Reilly Bi
Bing Awards bing recommends Bing Videos Bing's Law bingstuff Bipolar bird entrails Black Friday Black Screen BlackBerry Bloggers Bluetooth Bobby Flay body language bogus dudes Bonds Boneheads Bono Bonuses Book Stores books Boomers Booze Booze in First Class Boss's Day Bosses Boy Scouts Brand Encroachment Brand Loyalty Brazil Brian Greene British Air Britney Britney Spears Brooks Brothers BS Bubbles Bullies Bulls**t Jobs Burlington Northern Railroad Business Breakfast business dinners business ideas Business Language Business Life Business Media Business Stories of the Year business travel Business Week Buzzwords Cadbury Caesar call to action Canada Canon Capitalism Captive Marketing Carat Carbon Footprint Careers Carl Icahn CBS News/NY Times Poll Celebrity Meltdown
Cell phones CEOs CES Character Character Issue Chauncey Gardiner Cheese balls Cheese Logs cheeseburgers Cheryl Crow China Christmas cheer Chrome Chrysler Chuck Prince Citibank Citigroup Climate change Clone Monkeys Cloud computing Clubs CNBC cnnmoney Cobra Microport Comment of the day compensation Complisults Computer geekery computers Concierge Key Club Conde Nast Confidence games Congress Conspiracies Consultants Consumer Confidence Consumer Electronics Show Consumerism Control Freaks conventions Corporate Apologies corporate culture Corporate Retreats Corporate Sanity cost of housing Costco Countrywide coyotes Crazy Bosses Creative Capitalism credit cards Credit Suisse crooks (alleged) cryogenics cubicles Cutbacks Cyber Monday Dalai Lama David Beckham David Geffen Davos dead cat bounce Debt Dee Dee Myers Deficit Democrats Dennis Levine Depression Depression (emotional) Derivatives Designer Stubble Diabetes Dictator of the Week Diets digital elph Digital solutions to analog problems Digital Transition Donald Trump Dracula Drinking Drunken Excess Duke Nukem Dumbest Moments Dummies E-Mail E.U.R. E3 Earnings EBay Economic analysis Economic Imperialism Economic Meltdown Economic Stimulus Economic Trends Economics Economists Ed Bott Edith Piaf Edward Liddy electronic communications Elinor Ostrom Eliot Spitzer Elvis in Business Elvis! Emeril Employee Dementia End of the world eOnline Equity Eric Schmidt Erin Callan Euphemisms Excel Excellence Excessive Exit Packages Excuses Executive Compensation Executive Dementia Executricks Exits and Entrances Expense Accounts F. Scott Fitzgerald FAA Fables
Facebook Fannie Mae Fascist Architecture Fashion Father's Day Fathers FEMA's response to hurricane Katrina Fidel Castro Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Financial Times Firing People Flight Attendants Ford Ford and Chrysler Foreclosures Foreign Investment Fox News Frank DiPascale Franklin D. Roosevelt Freddie Mac Free Market Capitalism Fried Chicken Frivolous lawsuits FUBAR Fungibility Future Tech G20 Summit G7 Galleries Game Theory Gas Mileage gas prices Geithner Gen-X Gen-Y Gen-Zero General Electric General Motors Generalized Anxiety Disorder Genghis Khan Geoff Colvin George Clooney George Soros George W. Bush George Washington Georgetown Getting a raise Global solutions Global Warming Gluten GM God Goldman Sachs Good Guys Good News in Bad Times Goodwill Goofing Off GOOG Google Google Alerts Gourmet Magazine Government Accountability Office Grammar Gray Goose Martini Greed Greedy Banks Greenware Grocery Stores H1N1 Virus Hamburgers Hank Greenberg Hans Christian Anderson Happy Trends Hardware Stores Harry Potter Harvard Business School Harvard Community Health Plan Harvard Graphics Harvey Weinstein Health Care Health Plans Heart Disease Heath Ledger Hedge Fund Managers Hedge Funds Heidi Klum Henry Clay Frick Henry Ford Henry Schleiff heparin Herb Allen Highlights for Children Hitler HMOs Holiday Cards Holiday Cheer Holiday Parties Holiday Shopping Season Home Depot Honda (HMC) Hope Horrendous Blunders Hot dogs hot nuts House Republicans How to Get A Promotion How to get a raise How to Relax Without Getting The Axe Howard Hughes Human Genome Human Misery Human Resources Hyenas IBM Ideas for Warren Buffett IHOP Illegal Firing of Attorneys General Immigration Impostors Inauguration Inc. inflation Information in the Digital Realm Information Overload Insourcing inspirational stories Insurance Companies Interest Rate Cuts International Project Managers Association Internet Outages Internet pundits Investment Advice Investment banks Investment Trends iPad IPhone IPod IQ Iran ITT ITunes J.P. Morgan Jack Welch James B. Stewart James Gorman Jamie Dimon January 1 Japan Japanese Corporations Jargon Jeff Jarvis Jerks Jerry Levin Jerry Yang JetBlue JFK Job Interviews Joe Armstrong Joe Mama Joe Sixpack Joe the Plumber John Dvorak John Edwards John Ford John Keats John Mack John Mackey John McCain John Stewart John Thain John Wayne Johnny Walker Black Johnny Walker Red Jon & Kate Josef Stalin Joseph Stiglitz Journalism JP Morgan Chase JPMorgan Chase Karl Rove Karoshi Kazaa Ken Lewis Kennedy Airport Kenneth Feinberg Kenneth Lay King Kong Kiplinger Kraft Kurasawa Kurt Andersen L-Shaped Recovery LA stuff Labor Labor Day Lame Ideas Larry Craig Larry Page Las Vegas Layoffs Lehman Bros. Leonard Cohen Leopard OS Leverage LG Lindsay Lohan LinkedIn litigation Llamas Local Business London Lord Voldemort Los Angeles Los Angeles fires Love at the Office Loyalty Lying Mac Air Macadamia Nuts MacBook Air Macbook Pro mache Machiavelli Macy's Magazines malware Managing Up maniacal Marcus Aurelius Marilyn Monroe Marketing Marketing breakthroughs Marketing In Your Face Marshall Field's Martha Stewart Marvel Comics Mass hysteria Mass Media Massive writedowns Materialism Maxim Magazine Maybach MBIA MBWA McCain McClatchey McDonald's McKinsey Mean Bosses Media media schmutz Medical impact of bad management Medicare Meerkat Gang Sculpture Meeting Narcolepsy Memorial Day Mergers Merrill Lynch Michael Jackson Michael Moore Michael's Microsoft Microsoft Bing Microsoft Outlook Mike Bloomberg Mike the Headless Chicken Misogyny MIT Mitch McConnell MMORPGs Mob Behavior Modest Proposals Moguls Monday Morning Monetization monetizing celebrity Monetizing the Internet money Morgan Stanley Morons Motivational Issues Mountain bikes MSFT Murphy Bed Mussolini MySpace Nano Technology Napster Narcissists National Boss's Day National Bureau of Economic Research NATPE Netscape new year's New Year's Resolutions New York newspapers Nigeria Nigerian 419 scam nightmares Nintendo Non-Fungibility Northwest Airlines Obama Obesity obnoxious spam Occupational Hazards Oil companies Oil prices Olestra Oliver Williamson on the road Oprah optimism Organization theory Organizational Life OS X 10.5 OS X Leopard Osama Bin Laden OSHA outsourcing Overdraft Protection Overused words Panasonic Panic Panic of 1819 Paranoia Paris Hilton parsley Paul Krugman Paul Volcker Paulson Pay Cap Payback PCs Peeves Perks Perp walks Personal Injury Lawyers Personal Integrity Pessimists Petaluma pets Physician's Desk Reference planes Pogo Poisoned Toothpaste Politics Pontiac Ponzi Schemes Possible solutions to air travel crises Post-Bailout Letdown Post-Christmas slump Powerpoint PR Kudo of the Day prayers President for Life of Turkmenistan President Obama Pretentious Buttheads price of automobiles price of gasoline Price of Oil Pricing Private jets Product Failures Productivity Prognostications Propaganda Public Disgrace Public Relations Pundits putters Quality Question of the Day Quizzes Quote of the Day Rabbits on the golf course Rachael Ray Rampant consumerism Random Acts of Spending Reader Bulls**t Jobs Reader Crazy Bosses Reader Wisdom real estate speculation Real Estate Values Reality TV Recession Recession Skills Recovery Regulatory Policy Republicans Restricted Share Units retail Richard Fuld Richard Gere Richard Nixon Rick Wagoner Right brain function Ring Tone Abuse Risky Business ritual sacrifice RLS Robert Nardelli Robotics Rock Hard Abs Rod Blagojevich Roma Ron Perelman Root Canal Russian Vodka Salarymen Sam Zell San Francisco Santa Claus Saparmurat Niyazov 1940 -- 2006 Sarah Palin savings vs. spending Savvy investments in a down market scandals Scapegoats Scary Bosses Scary Trends Scott McClellan Search Engines SEC Second Life S
econd thoughts
Security Analysts Self-Inflicted Injuries Self-Interest Self-Promotion Senate Republicans Sergey Brin Severance Sex sex at the office Shakespeare sharks Shoichi Nakagawa Short sellers Side Effects Silver Linings Sir Isaac Newton SkyMall Sleeping on the job Small Pleasures Snafus Snail Mail social networking Socialist solutions to capitalist problems Sony Sony Playstation 3 South Park Sovereign Wealth Funds Spam Spammers Spandex speeches spying Stalin Stan O'Neal Stanford Stanley Bing Starbuck's Steve Ballmer Steve Jobs Steve Kroft Steve Ratner Steven Seagal Stimulus package stinky coworker Stock Market Stock Options Stock Pick of the Day Strategies Stress Stress Test Stupid Contests Stupid deals Stupid moves Stupid Surveys Sub-Prime Loans Sudoku Summer Vacation Sun Valley Super Bowl Super Tuesday Superfluous Information Surveys Swine Flu System Administrators T.M.I. Talking cat Target TARP payments tax evasion Taxes technoid drivel Technology Ted Casablanca Ted Kennedy Ted Williams Television TGIF Thanksgiving The 3:10 to Yuma The Associated Press The Bing Blog The Black Crowes the blame game The Collared Peccary the death of newspapers The Death of Retail The Dollar The Economist The economy The end of the world The Euro The Fall of Rome The Fantastic Four The Fed The Four Seasons The Four Seasons bar The future of print the Hope Bubble The House The Housing Market The Killer Quotient The Kindle The Media The Meltdown The National Mood The New York Times The New Yorker The Nobel Prize in Economics The Oatmeal The Oscars The Rudeness Police The Senate The Silver Surfer The Stock Market The Tata The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire The Value of Money the War in Iraq the weather Things I Want You To Do Things That Are Gone Things That Don't Work Tibet Tiger Woods Time Warner Time Zone Meltdown Timothy Geithner TMZ Toasty Christmas Tales Todd Purdham Tom Peters Top Performing Stocks Toxic Assets Toyota Matrix Toyota Prius Traffic Trends Trollope Tropical Fish Truth tuna fish Turkey turnaround Twinkies Twitter UAW UBS Uncategorized Uncontrollable Urges Unemployment Unfriendly takeovers Unions United Airlines United Fruit Universal Remote University of Chicago Unnecessary spending unwelcome marketing intrusions into daily existence Up In The Air Urban Legends Vacation Value of the Dollar Vampire Zombies Vanity Fair Venture Capitalists VeriChip Verizon Verne Troyer Virtual Economy Wachovia Wal-Mart Wall Street Walt Kelly WaMu War in Iraq Warcraft Warren Buffet Warren Buffett Warren Spector Washington Mutual Waste Management Wealth Web Madness Weird Things We Eat Welfare Westinghouse Wetware Wharton What Your Boss Expects of You Whistling past the graveyard white collar criminals Who Dat Nation Who Dat? Who Is To Blame Whole Foods Wholesale China Wikipedia Woody Allen Work Work Life Initiative Work-related injuries Working From Home World of Warcraft XBox 360 Xmas Yahoo Yelling YouTube ZDNet Zen

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